Semi-Automated Crimping

Crimping is the final configuration of a terminal barrel formed by the compression of a terminal barrel and wire.  JEM Electronics maintains both semi-automated crimping machines and fully automated crimping machines. The semi-automated crimping machines are capable of stripping the ends of the wire and crimping the terminations onto the ends. 
JEM utilizes semi-automated crimping machines to produce reliable, high quality cut wire terminations at accelerated rates. These machines terminate wire using reeled terminals and contacts and allow for precision adjustment crimp height. Our equipment can strip and crimp a wide variety of wires from AWG 30 to AWG 10. 
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All products manufactured by JEM Electronics are 100% quality tested.  JEM Electronics utilizes equipment from various companies to ensure the quality and workmanship of every product we manufacture.  Furthermore, our machines are capable of detecting defective crimp, out of strands, and high or low insulation on the terminals.  Our machines have various capabilities that protect against error, including precise crimp force monitors.

JEM is dedicated to quality and reliability through controlled, repeatable manufacturing processes. We focus on continual improvement of our processes, assuring our customers of the highest quality standards and on time delivery. In all phases of our business, we are dedicated to only the best practices.  Our customers can be confident in our ability to produce reliable, high quality crimping. 

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